This is a resume of key highlights of my Professional Journey so far...

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Career Profile

Versatile and Results-driven Project Manager and Scrum Master in .Net Web Applications and other IT projects

  • 3 years Scrum master and Project Manager in .Net Web Applications.
  • 1 Year Project Manager in SIM Card Industry.
  • 3+ Years in SIM Card Programming in SIM Card Industry.
  • Total of 14 years in the IT industry, in Software Engineering and Project Management.
  • Technical Programming skills in developing web applications in .Net, Angular 5 Applications.
  • Cloud Solution Architect in deploying Web (Angular, .NET) and Blockchain Application on AWS.
  • Enjoy developing and facilitating teams to achieve great team synergy and spirit, meet targets and success in projects.


Project Manager

July 2018 ‐ Now
Kailao Consulting Limited, Mauritius
  • Major Achievement:
    1. Development of Proof of Concept for Private and Public Blockchain solutions in ERP field:

    2. Decentralised Application using Ethereum Public Blockchain (Solidity Language).

    3. Private Application Network using Hyperledger Fabric and Hyperledger Composer (Javascript for logic and Hyperledger Modeling Language) and Deployed on AWS.

  • Product Management for various new solutions e.g. Blockchain solution, Local Payroll Solution.
  • Process Management : Help Find the right process for the team in Mauritius and eventually propagate it to the rest of the organisation in France and elsewhere.
  • Team Management : Occasional Scrum master Role for team in Mauritius for Payroll Solution.
  • Knowledge and Training about ERP solutions implementation and management; Openbravo (Java) and Sage x3.
  • Development Fixes on Payroll solution in Java.

Project Manager

August 2015 ‐ April 2018
Nosunset Limited, Mauritius
  • Process Management:
    1. Contributed to setting up standards for the new organisation, documenting development, customer support process and Scrum Release Process. E.g. Setting up Jira Project Management Online to support the process put into place for scrum software development and customer support.

  • Scope/Requirements Management
    1. Create and elaborate user stories based on requirements from Internal and external Customers.
    2. Discuss and Identify backend, frontend, unit testing, functional testing, technical documentation, user documentation tasks in order to smooth up the work required for the sprint.
    3. Manage sprint to ensure that each sprint is successfully completed.
  • Quality Management:
    1. Help in bug resolution through Managing testing of requirements, bugs, change requests and customer service requests in a Scrum/Agile Environment ( System used: Jira ) , bugs assignment, customer service requests management and communication from bug creation to resolution.

  • Contributed to minor Development work in Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 MVC 4, Csharp, Umbraco .Net CMS .
  • Scrum Master Role
    1. Helping Product Owner to prepare Product Backlog for future sprint.
    2. Helping in holding sprint planning meeting by discussing requirements, taking notes about project discussions and updating the user stories.
    3. Holding Daily Scrum stand-up meetings to inform about daily priorities and getting daily team status.
    4. Helping in holding Scrum Review meetings : taking notes about product owner feedback in order to plan any resulting work to be done by team in later sprints.
    5. Helping in holding Scrum Retrospective meetings: Get feedback about the last sprint in order to plan improvements e.g. procedure for the next sprint(s)
    6. Being a facilitator in the team by helping in clearing requirements, ensuring that the team knows about the sprint priorities and the team can deliver what has been committed in the sprint.
    7. Helping in monitoring Customer Service Desk and ensuring that high priority tickets are addressed in a timely manner.
    8. Contributed in setting up and documenting recruitment process.
    9. Writing user guides for features developed e.g. Signit (Online Digital Signature Solution), Insurance Websites features. User guides include documents and videos for website end-users as well as how-to guides to allow Content Management System (CMS) agents to customise the websites and configure features on the websites.
    10. Contributing to internal technical knowledge base by documenting process to set up the systems, troubleshooting tips and solutions for common development issues, resolutions for certain domain/project related issues.
    11. Helping create frontend development assignments to recruit frontend developers.
    12. Helping in improving the Scrum Process and setting up Jira to support the process.
  • General Admin contributions
    1. Look for new office and handling the office permits with respect to District Council and Researching and getting Occupation Permits for new colleagues.
  • Major Project Contributions :
    1. Various project development contribution in terms on Umbraco customisation, Project Management and Delivery.
    2. Signit (A digital Signature solution developed by the company)Testing and Signit API documentation using Swagger.
    3. Signit Microsoft Word and Excel Add-ins Testing, handle the process to get get add-ins approved by Microsoft (Including helping in creating the documentation and screenshots to appear on the Microsoft Add-ins). The add-ins were finally approved by Microsoft after fixing the issues with the add-ins and the documentation.
    4. Learning and Integrating Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics to client websites.
    5. Trying to use Front End Automated Testing e.g. Selenium Testing, Katalon.
    6. Working on websites prototypes using Axure.
    7. Git - Help with Release (Git, Teamcity). E.g. Work with Git to get list of commits for Release Process.

Project Manager

January 2014 ‐ May 2015
Bluefish Technologies Africa Ltd, Mauritius
  • Relocated to the Singapore office (BLUEFISH TECHNOLOGIES APAC), for 2 months ‐ to carry out the following roles/tasks (7 February 2015 ‐ 7 April 2015):
    1. Took over the project management work of a few APAC projects (including working with APAC customers).
    2. Provided training to new hire(s) of APAC team and technical support to the APAC team.
  • Was relocated to the Panama office (BLUEFISH TECHNOLOGIES LATIN AMERICA INC) for 6 months (14 June 2014 ‐ 12 December 2014):
    1. Contributed to development of LTE SIM cards, with support for RAM over HTTPs, for network operators in the CALA (Central America Latin America) region.
    2. Provided training to members of CALA team to help rise the technical competence of the team.
    3. Provide technical support to the CALA team.
    4. Carried out Testing and Troubleshooting on-site (at customer).

Senior Software Engineer

December 2010 ‐ December 2013
Logos Smart Card Limited, Mauritius
  • Developed STK menus using Java, S@TML, and Logos Proprietary Development Platforms for SIM cards.
  • Implement in Javacard, features like IMEI Tracking, Dual IMSI, Call Control for USSD call back, Decrypt APDU Data, Launch Menu, S@T Plugins like ASCII to UCS2, Send USSD.
  • Learned about telecommunication technologies and standards such as 3GPP, ETSI, Global Platform, SIM Alliance Protocols.
  • Liaised with internal customers in African countries, Singapore, Asian countries, Denmark and other European countries.
  • Developed software tools (Decrypt Encrypted SMS, Reflash module, Implement 11.14 classes for STK Testing Tool) using Microsoft .NET 3.5 .
  • Promoted from Software Engineer in July 2012.
  • Moved to Project Management in sister company Bluefish Technologies in January 2014.

Software Engineer

23 March 2009 ‐ 20 November 2010
Proximity BBDO Indian Ocean, Mauritius
  • Carried out Web Development, Customisation and maintenance of websites using ASP.NET 2005, CSharp, SQL 2005, HTML, Javascript and CSS .

Senior Software Engineer

01 September 2005 ‐ 18 March 2009
Ceridian Mauritius Ltd, Mauritius
  • Customised HR/Payroll web products, using VB 6.0, T-SQL, XML, XSL, Javascript and SQL Server 2000 /2005 .
  • Received several trainings, namely, on Customer Centricity for enhancing our customer service skills, Data Protection for handling and dealing with sensitive customer information, Communication and English Pronunciation for better customer service, Six Sigma white Belt Training.
  • New Hires training.
  • Carried out the role of Business Analyst and Promoted from Software Engineer in April 2008.

Dissertation Supervisor (Part‐Time)

01 Dec 2012 ‐ 01 Dec 2013
YK Business School, Mauritius
  • Collaborated with the research coordinator to provide guidance to MBA students for their dissertation.
  • Reviewed and corrected the dissertations before that they were sent to the examination board.

Lecturer (Part‐Time)

01 Sep 2010 ‐ 30 Nov 2010
School of Advanced Computing, CDAC, Mauritius
  • Provided lecture for ASP.NET 2.0 and web programming, to one class of undergraduate students.
  • Prepared lecture notes, assignment questions, test questions, and examination questions.
  • Helped the students during the practical sessions, and with their diploma project.