More about me

I am from Mauritius. It has been a very long journey so far both on a professional and personal level. Throughout my career, I have worked with many competent people who had guided me, inspired me or simply helped me in various ways for which I am very grateful.

I like the field of IT because it is dynamic and witnessing continuous improvement and advances. There has been many technological breakthroughs for the past decades (Social Media, Mobile Apps, IOT, Cloud Services, E-commerce, Augmented Reality Devices, AI/Machine Learning, Blockchain Technology etc). All these represent new job and business opportunities in IT.

IT and Project Management has helped me enhance my endurance and stamina against setbacks and develop my personality and interpersonal skills.

I have always tried to tackle life issues like I would tackle some technical solution. As a developer, I would fix it alone. If it does not work, I would ask help from a team.

As a Project Manager, I had to consider who has the ability to fix it in the fastest and most efficient way without impacting other tasks. Or whether it needs to fix immediately or later or at all. Sometimes, an issue can just be fixed through communication e.g. you can persuade a customer that an issue does not even need to be fixed; we can just come up with a quick work around...

I try to apply these same concepts in personal life situations too...

Vanishta Changea looking Dolphins at sea during a Catamaran Trip

What are my Strengths:

I do not give up easily or I cannot give up easily: For this, I first have to thank my parents because I think it has been wired in my brain and upbringing. This has helped me whenever I was faced with stumbling blocks at work. Throughout my career, I have developed a "don't give up and don't give in" attitude which has been very helpful when working alone or in a team or leading people and projects. It has often been harder to keep the same attitude in private life but so far, I think I keep going.

I am versatile and adaptable to change: I have evolved in various working environments and technologies and I have been able to adapt quite rapidly to the new ways of doing things and new expectations of me.

Furthermore, I have travelled to various countries for work purposes whereby I had to adapt not only to different working environments and different cultures and mindset. I think I have come out of those challenges, a better and more open-minded individual and professional.

I can lead by example: I have been able to lead people by showing that by putting efforts, things can improve and we can meet the goals set within the deadline and succeed.

What are my Weaknesses:

Can I say that, I do not have any :) Is it arrogant? I can :) I think at one point in life, we realise that there is no such thing as weakness. We go past our weakness. In some circumstances, we have no time thinking of it because we need to get shit done! Besides, We will be hard with ourselves if we did this injustice! My body and mind has taken me through so many interesting paths and journeys in life. I will do injustice to myself (Body, Mind and Soul) to say that any part of me is weak!

What I do in my Free Time:

I try my best to keep a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy and going to the gym. Lately, I have been learning crossfit. I also play badminton for which I have resumed proper training on Saturdays. I also like to swim. Funnily, I am not a good swimmer though I have spent my lifetime surrounded by the sea... I also like walking on the beach and hiking in the mountains.. What else : reading thrillers, watching YouTube, gardening, travelling... I like to learn and discover new things, people, culture..

Vanishta Changea buried in the sand on a beach in Mauritius