Senior Software Developer

Hi, I'm Vanishta. This is my online Resume.

Vanishta Changea on Zip line

I am PMP Certified Project Manager in IT

I enjoy working in tech environment, leading and developing teams, manage IT projects and collaborate with customers in order to bring value to them and to organisations. I am motivated to work with enthusiastic team to implement challenging projects and innovative ideas.

Project Management

Four years ago, at Bluefish Technologies, I embarked into project management after completing a PMP Course. This really opened doors for me. I set out to manage sim card projects which involved managing the programming and orders of these simcards, for 1.5 years. Later on, at Nosunset, I got opportunity to manage website development projects.

Project Management Scope Time Cost Triple Constraint

Scrum Master

At Nosunset, I got accustomed to the agile way of managing projects and developing software. I got the opportunity to set up the procedures for the startup and configuring Jira to support these procedures. I am still learning about Scrum and looking forward to apply it to larger solutions and product development.

As Scrum Master, I have the role to lead the team to ensure that requirements are clear, tasks are implemented as per requirements, and important deadlines are met. I also have the responsibility to ensure that the team is not hindered by any obstruction by continuously trying to improve the process and tools based on the team's feedback.

Scrum - the agile framework for software delivery

Web Development Tasks

Quality Assurance & Automated Testing (Selenium, backstop.js) At Nosunset, I had been lucky to work in a smart environment where I got to experiment with new technologies

I am thriving to learn such frontend technologies like angular.js, node.js, bootstrap and other frontend frameworks.

Prior to joining NoSunset, I have primarily been have working in backend programming. When I joined Nosunset, I got exposure to emerging Frontend Frameworks in Web Development. I thus realised that it was necessary to have good knowledge about these if I wanted to lead technical web development teams and manage such projects. I made this online resume as a simple static website using bootstrap and hosted it on AWS using Route53 and S3 bucket. I look forward to create a portfolio of websites based on other languages learned in my free time because I find it motivating to build and create.

Web Development

Digital Marketing

At NoSunset, I started to work on Google Tag Manager and eventually through a new endeavour, I got to learn more about Digital Marketing (SEO, SEM, Adwords, Google Analytics), which has become an important aspect for growing customer engagement and businesses in the digital world today.

The various concepts in Digital Marketing to market products and services

AWS Cloud

At Nosunset, I got opportunity to discover AWS and took a course about Architecting Solutions using AWS. I found it exciting to finally learn about servers on cloud, Cloud Computing Services and managing my own web hosting.

AWS - Amazon Web Services - On demand Cloud Computing Services

Business Development

At Nosunset, I got opportunity to be part of developing the business and finding new areas of growth. It is something which gave me a feeling of accomplishment. I look forward to research and develop new areas of business within an organisation or for my own endeavours.

Business Development - How to implement to develop and Grow a business